Who we are

Our Executive Committee has national reach. Its members are:

John Furlong

A parent of three children, one of whom has autism, John lives in North Yorkshire. He has personal experience of appealing to the SEN Tribunal, and has trained as a parent volunteer with the National Autistic Society's Family Rights Service.

Debbie Sayers

Debbie has a son with Asperger’s Syndrome and has first hand experience of the battles faced by parents trying to obtain support for their children. Debbie Sayers lives in Wiltshire. She is a human rights lawyer who has researched and written on issues relating to human rights, equality and children with disabilities.

Phin Silberrad

Phin lives in Hampshire. She has personal experience of challenging local authority decisions through SEND tribunal, Judicial Review, and the Local Government Ombudsman. She is the founder of a support group for parents and carers of children with autistic spectrum disorders.

Jayne Dillon

Jayne Dillon lives in Trafford, Greater Manchester. She is a former Registered Midwife with three children, two with Asperger's Syndrome, the youngest also has Selective Mutism. Jayne is involved in running the support group High-Functioning Trafford. She is the published author of "Jessi-cat - The Cat That Unlocked A Boy's Heart". Jayne is currently going through the Statutory Assessment process for her younger son.

Diane Kay

Diane lives in Wigan and has two sons, one with cerebral palsy.  She is a volunteer for her local Healthwatch, and IPSEA, a charity providing legally based advice to parents of children with SEN, and wants to raise awareness of equality issues within education for children with SEN & disabilities and their families.

Bethlyn Killey

Bethlyn is a parent of 3 children, one of whom has a statement of Special Educational Needs and attends a Special School. Bethlyn lives in Kingston Upon Thames, which is the second Local Authority she has lived under since her son began school. She has personal experience of appealing to the SEN tribunal.

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