Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Welcome to the unconference!

We are really excited that we are getting so close to the date for the unconference on inclusion in education. Read here for more details. There are now only 6 tickets left!

On 3rd February, we will get to meet many empassioned activists, parents, teachers and academics. One important core value unites us - a determination to find effective ways of protecting rights and promoting equality in education.

We have no Government funding, no publicity or communications department, and we are not interested in jargon. We want to include as many as we can so we can open the debate up as widely as possible.

Clearly, the problems of the current system will not be solved in a single day. But we hope the unconference could be the start of a grass-roots campaign for real change by people who are actually affected by the current system. We really believe there is a need to find ways of extending effective campaigning beyond the 'usual suspects'!

Below we have posted a bit more information about the day but there will be more to come!


All the details about the event are available here. Again, a big thank you to Irwin Mitchell for funding the hire of the room.


Although the unconference format (see here) allows for an informal agenda with attendees setting the schedule and topics of discussion, we are going to add a bit of structure. We think this particular helps those who find lack of structure challenging.

There will be very short presentations throughout the day on inclusion and the following attendees have kindly agreed to speak or prepare a power point:

  • Nye Doherty, 11 year old pupil with Asperger's Syndrome 
  • Diane Kay, ERA member and parent with a disabled child
  • Dr Katherine Runswick-Cole, parent and academic
  • Barney Angliss, secondary school SENCO who has Asperger's Syndrome
  • Damian Milton, academic and autism campaigner

We will post more details on the specific agenda when we have it and we will provide details for how you can start to contribute towards the agenda by suggesting topics for discussion.

Live tweeting

We aim to live tweet the event! If you want to help with this let us know.


There will be tea, coffee available and biscuits available. We will be asking for donations.

As for lunch, please feel free to bring your own and use the kitchen or go and explore the cafes and shops nearby.

Contact us

Contact us at any time with any concerns, queries, accessibility requirements or other issues. You can email at

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