Monday, 9 February 2015

Joint manifesto on inclusion is now open for signature


Following on from the unconference on 3rd February, and as a result of discussions on the day, we have pulled together some key views which appeared to shared by all attendees and we have put them in a 'draft manifesto'.

You can read a report about the unconference by MMU Research Institute for Health and Social Change here

You can also read Gareth Morewood's piece on the unconference and the manifesto here.

You can read the Manifesto here.

A primary aim of the manifesto is to put these issues in the mainstream of the education debate. Too often they are sidelined and not seen as everyone's responsibility

This manifesto does not belong to the ERA. We want this to be a genuine reflection of the views expressed and a summary of aims which people feel they can openly support.

We have already received fantastic feedback for the manifesto. The next step will be to identify actions which can be taken in support of these aims. Some great suggestions have been made.

Let us know what you think - we welcome amendments, suggested additions and, of course, declarations of support!

How do I sign?

If you would like to 'sign' this, contact us at or tweet at us @era_tweet or you can leave a comment on the page.

You can sign in your personal capacity and/or on behalf of your organisation. It is up to you as to how you describe your position/role.


  1. Hi, I'd like to sign, thanks. Fiona Nicholson