Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Independent Supporters and legal training: update

We recently noted that the charity SENSE has been awarded a contract by the Council for Disabled Children to provide legal training for the Independent Supporters programme - read our post here.

We have many questions about this initiative so we wrote to Irwin Mitchell, solicitors, who, along with barrister Steve Broach, are assisting SENSE with the creation for this legal training programme.

You can read our questions here.

We have today received a reply from Irwin Mitchell which they have agreed to share openly. The response can be read here.

It recognises the significance of effective legal training in enabling parents to access the new system and understand their rights. It also notes the importance of the questions we have raised. However, it confirms that Steve Broach, Irwin Mitchell and SENSE have agreed that SENSE are actually best placed to answer our letter because they are leading the development of the project.

So, we, along with many other parents, very much look forward to receiving a full and open response from SENSE in the near future.

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