Tuesday, 12 August 2014

What is the evidence the Children and Families Act will lead to "improved outcomes for children"?

You may be aware that, four months after writing to the Council for Disabled Children about their Director's statement welcoming the Children and Families Act as as "important step to getting better outcomes for children and young people", we received a reply on 28 July. You can read about this here.

We have now written back to Ms Lenehan as it seemed to us that she has not yet answered our question which related solely to the specific comments made welcoming these reforms. 

Our letter confirms that:

"We asked this question because, unlike politicians who may simply rely on their own political views and rhetoric to support their position, for a body to be a charity, it must remain independent. Thus, if a charity supports a political and legal reform process, it should be able to explain why with reference to clear evidence. Most charities are very judicious about this obligation as the reliance on evidence adds weight to their views, distinguishing their independent conclusions from personally held political views."

You can read our letter here.

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